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Super impressed with Jon's work and so glad I'm able to work with him as a VO talent for all of our character needs. He responds very fast and has a great turnaround time. He is wonderfully talented and has a great voice for voice over work. Looking forward to working with him many more times in the future! - Kila Calvin - Digital Media Production Assistant - Psych Hub

Working with Jon Ciano has been a great pleasure and process. As an Author, we’re putting our baby into the hands of a producer and Jon came through wonderfully. Jon was technically savvy, punctual, and produced a high quality audiobook production for our project with great success. Jon’s voice over was articulate, and had a very comfortable cadence for the non-fiction material. Jon’s delivery was easy to listen to, and made for an enjoyable experience for our audience. I would recommend Jon Ciano for your audio productions. – Christopher Kincaid (Solardyne) – Author of the books Duckweed Ethanol and Toxic Algae

Working with Jon was an amazing experience. From not just doing the voice acting he would study it and do it professionally. Throughout the time I had worked with Jon he was not only a great actor but a great friend too. If you need a voice actor this is the guy you want as he supported me with my project too. He is an outstanding voice actor who does great at his job and knows how to bring a story to life with his acting. I highly recommend you choose for any project as he adjusts to anything very rapidly. – David Aminov , CEO of Rockzone Studios

An incredible experience to work with Jon. Jon has a heartfelt voice with great range, compelling performance. The voice brings depths and personalities to my animation. It lets audience to feel the emotion and intimacy of my short. Jon’s talents and professional service completed my film. I’m looking forward to working with Jon again. Thank you so much. My film won’t have these amazing achievements without YOU!!!! – Shwenn Chang, Creator of the Award Winning Animated Short “Expiration Date”